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3 of my Favourite Blogs July 2, 2009

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1. Elsie’s blog A Beautiful Mess. It is soooo incredibly cute! Full of  inspiration & lovely shots of Elsie’s paintings, products for her shop & her very talented boyfriend…




2. Just Like Camping Mrs Boo Radley’s (Not Her Real Name) blog is intriguing… she’s a foodie, a locavore, grow-your-own with a very satirical sense of humour. Have a peep…

3. Papillon Jewelry Tho Dinh’s very cute blog showcases various Etsy sellers/artists (including moi! Yay!) & her own gorgeous jewelry…


Laura I Love You! June 29, 2009

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I’m a bit of a technophobe. It takes me a while to figure things out sometimes. I’ve had my mobile phone for about a year & been annoyed with the picture quality. Today my friend Laura readjusted the settings for me (Higher resolution & Macro function!) & now the camera is amazing!

So… finally…. here is the embroidery piece that I did using the embroidery thread I won in Cymberrain‘s blog giveaway…




I love it! & now i’m hooked on her gorgeous hand dyed embroidery threads.

& a sneak peek at Laura’s gorgeous daughter, Holly…


… she seemed quite partial to her own feet, so here’s one for you!

Goodnight all…

(Laur, thank you!)

Yart Sale! June 10, 2009

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Art + Yard = Yart according to Etsy so they are holding a Yart sale! I’ve joined in with a Yart Section which is here where every item is under $5 (That’s under £3 for us Anglicans!) so have a peep as you’ll be in for a bargain!

*For those of you who don’t know etsy but are happy with ebay, etsy works the same way except it is all priced in dollars & it’s all handmade! You pay at the checkout at the end with paypal exactly the same as ebay. Happy shopping!*

So i’ve been a busy little bee the last couple of days…


Cute Raindrop magnet available here


Lily The Pink brooch available here


More raindrop fun “Playing in the rain” available here


And a bit of dinosaur customisation! I love this bag now it’s totally adorable! Probably won’t sell this one as i think it’ll be fun to use myself when the sun comes back out!

I’m in another treasury too, courtesy of the lovely EnchantedQuill, a Twitter friend…


I think that’s all my news for today… I’m working on a secret project right now so i’m off to work on that…. see you all soon!

Did You Miss Me?! April 22, 2009

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Well hello again! Ive had a busy past few weeks, far too much work, not enough play… but I’ve had the last couple of days off & Ive managed to get sunburn (In England, in April!), see my dad & brother & take them out for a lovely day, catch up with my photography & discover Taylor Swift!


My lovely dad & brother displaying their musical tastes for all to see!


A work in progress… a painting of mine that I never quite felt was finished. The other day I got the urge to embroider it & try some applique… will see how it goes!


Another work in progress… i’m obsessed with the teardrop shape at the moment 🙂


Gorgeous flower… an anemone maybe?!

I am back to work later this afternoon, & its another week of stupid hours as one of my colleagues is off to Greece, lucky him!!!!

I am taking a break from my etsy store for the time being as I cannot commit to actually making things, photographing them, uploading the pics, updating the shop & then the constant promotion necessary to run a sucessful etsy shop! So… I have decided to use my ebay shop… http://stores.shop.ebay.co.uk/beingbeatriceboutique to sell my handmade goods on alongside my general stuff. My works in progress will be in here soon!

I’ve missed you all, hope you’re well & enjoying the sunshine!

ps. Ive just received some spool dolls from Wunderkind ready for me to paint & customise… they’re awesome!


Above is an example from Wunderkinds flickr page… buy them at www.etsy.wunderkind.com

Latest Creations March 25, 2009

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A wee post for you.. I really am doing too many hours at work & not enough at home but c’est la vie…




Mini excursions into the world of stitching… I did an embroidery owl for my mum for mothers day but I forgot to take photos, doh!




1. Embroidery by Peggy Dembicer, she embroiders over old maps, very cool…

2. Sublime Stitching, if you embroider then you will know that these guys ROCK!

3. Elsie Cake, AKA Elsie Flannigan. The Queen of Cute.

On my next free day off I will attempt an epic embroidery session…

Introducing… ME March 10, 2009

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Hello… I’m the real live person behind BeingBeatrice… I’ve been crafting for about a year now, mostly I make jewellery & accessories but i’ve also been known to paint & make monsters. My latest favourite discovery is embroidery… I’m awaiting some new patterns through the post!!!!

Twinkie Chan

Above is a pic of Twinkie Chan whom I absolutely adore… she crochets food themed scarves & other goodies & is just awesome. Check her out at www.twinkiechan.com


Above is a Julie West embroidery pattern. Julie West is without a doubt one of my all time favourite artists. Her work is so so cute & is accessible in many mediums including dolls & embroidery patterns. I’ve ordered the one above & I can’t wait…


Find her at www.juliewest.com




Some of my pieces… 1) Matchstick Love hairclips, 2) Under The Sea (available at http://themonstermaker.etsy.com), 3) Cats Painting.. A wedding present for my brother & sister-in-law & 4) Bertie Lentil… a lentil filled handsewn monster!

I like to work with felt, fabrics (my monsters are made with curtain fabric offcuts that I get for £3 a pop, huge sheets of it!), buttons, beads, acrylic paint, shrinkies & now embroidery threads & muslin. I find so much inspiration online, my favourite sites include www.etsy.com, www.flickr.com, www.abeautifulmess.typepad.com, www.sublimestitching.com, and www.ukhandmade.co.uk.

My favourite colours are purple & pink, I like making brooches, I like tattoos, dolls, flowers & sunshine, my favourite alcoholic beverage is white wine, I love to wear baggy jeans & flip flops, I adore Johnny Cash, I like to read & my favourite movies include Amelie & ET. Enough about me, who are you??!