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Almost finished… July 22, 2009

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My collage/painting is nearly finished… quite proud of it so far. I think she is almost done. Does it come under mixed media? Is it a textile collage? Not really sure what genre it comes under but it has been enjoyable to do…


I’ve given her another couple of coats of red for her hair…


I have added sequins to her dress for some sparkle…


And here’s a full shot…


I think i will be finishing it off tomorrow. I did quite a bit on it this morning to make up for not getting a chance yesterday. I went to meet a friend for lunch & got back to discover my kitchen flooding… the flat upstairs was totally flooded in the bathroom & it was seeping into ours. A contractor came out & sorted everything out thank goodness, apparently another hour or two & our ceiling would have caved in! By the time I had gotten that emergency diverted I was pretty exhausted so just curled up in front of the TV when Joal got in. Now I have to head off to work so the finishing touches will definitely be done tomorrow….


Work In Progress July 21, 2009

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A not so sneaky peek at my WIP for you… I’m so pleased with it so far!


I added fabrics in white & pink to give her almost a train of material down the back of her dress.


I painted the background of the canvas in gold glitter. Its quite subtle but looks gorgeous when the sun hits it.


Skirt detail.


Decided she was a definite redhead. Used acrylic paints to colour her hair…



So now I’m just figuring out how to finish her. Acrylics to paint in her skin? Paper? Text might look interesting… Any other finishing touches? I was considering a tiara… diamante? Buttons? Metallic embroidery thread? Hhhhmmmm….

On a totally different note, I watched Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince y’day & thoroughly enjoyed it! My fella & my friend were both annoyed that it skipped parts of the book & (apparently) made other parts up but on the whole they enjoyed it too. I did find the storyline slightly disappointing (movie only, in the book it is apparently all perfectly clear) in so much as Harry has a potions book owned by the Half Blood prince which suddenly, halfway through the movie they all decide is dangerous & insist that Harry hides it, even from himself, but you have no idea why! I didn’t get it at all… the others did because they’d read the book! Anyhow, have borrowed the book to read & am quite looking forward to it.

Have to go, am off to meet a friend in town for lunch, will have a look at metallic embroidery thread whilst i’m there. *Dons Wellingtons, puts up umbrella & waves chirpily…..*

Ahoy There! July 20, 2009

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The last few weeks have been kind of manic… work has been sooo busy, the restaurant that I work in has had an extension built & is now one of the largest in Oxford so I’ve been working like crazy, feels as though I have virtually been living there!

Whilst at work the other day I spotted this parked outside…


How cool??!! The Blues Brother’s show, Jake & Elwood, was on at the New Theatre next door. This car got loads of attention & apparently you can hire it out for weddings and so on!

One of my friends is actually getting married this coming weekend & I got to help her do her Table Plan which was quite good fun! The finished article..


It’s fairly basic but she is happy with it. It sparked off so many ideas for me & was so much fun to do, it’s definitely something that I could get into doing!

Wedding Table Plan by Wedding-Calligrapher

Layer_Marney_Wedding by Wedding-Calligrapher


Black & White Wedding Seating/Table Plan by Bitley Batley

Burgundy & Silver Table Plan by Bitley Batley


And this one is very striking…

Wedding Table Plan by SeppySills


Another friend of mine is having a baby in a few weeks, she’s having a little girl. A few friends from work & I went over to see her she lives in a village in Oxfordshire in the middle of nowhere in a cottage, it’s gorgeous! Her little boy Bruce thrives out there, he’s so smart & creative. He made ghost cards whilst we were there!

Kate spoiled us with a Jamie Oliver BBQ chicken recipe with new postatoes & salad that had grown in her garden. We took her a multitude of chocolate desserts (Minstrels, chocolate log, profiteroles, Belgian chocolate cheesecake) & yummy cider for ourselves! We had such a lovely night. when we got up in the morning she’d already laid the table & we all got boiled eggs & toast, it was like a mini holiday!  Her place really is beautiful though. Kate is a florist so the house was full of plants & there were fairy lights twinkling everywhere. Her garden backs out on to a field with horses & the view is breathtaking… Oh well, I can’t drive so for now Joaly & I will be staying where we are!

Yesterday I made a start on this..



It’s a pencil drawing on canvas of a woman in a long gown. I’m using curtain fabric as a base for her gown & I’m going to use all different fabrics & paint to create a collaged image. In fact now that I’ve gotten you all caught up, I’m off to do some more work on it now… Will update with more pics as I progress!

Thanks for dropping by… xoxoxox