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Dream Trip

Where to go??

I really really want to surprise my guy with a planned trip to the good ol’ US of A… I want it to be a little bit different though. I want to visit the weird places that most English tourists don’t know about.

So… i need your help! Where would you go? Where have you been? Where, oh where, should we go?!

1.Salvation Mountain, Niland, California


2. Dog Bark Park, Cottonwood, Idaho. Thank you Dave Gorman for being the crazy boy genius that you are.


3. Yellowstone National Park, suggested by CloudCatDesigns


4. Mount Rushmore, suggested by AllofaSutton


5. WallDrug, South Dakota, AllofaSutton


6. Corn Palace, South Dakota, AllofaSutton


7. Mackinac Island, Michigan… car free?!.. suggested by BackwardGlances


8. Glacier National Park, Montana, suggested by Granny’sCloset


9. The worlds largest ball of Twine, Darwin, MN, suggested by FreakyOldWoman


10. The Grand Canyon. I know it’s touristy but that’s for a reason! I wanna go too.


11. The Spam Museum, Minnesota, AllofaSutton


12. San Diego Zoo, suggested by TheHappyHoneyBee. Boyfriend = Male. Males like zoos.


13. The Museum of Jurassic Technology http://www.mjt.org/ courtesy of thehappyhoneybee

14. The Worlds Largest Bull, Albert The Bull Campground, Iowa, FreakyOldWoman


15. Seattle; Home to Grunge & coffee, suggested by gothicreations


16. Santa Fe, New Mexico, suggested by DesertMoonDesigns


17. Bryce Canyon, Utah, courtesy of  DesertMoonDesigns

18. Dollywood, Tennessee, suggested by rainsontheplain

19. Austin, Texas, “Greenest City In America” (MSN) & “Live Music Capital of the World

20. Key West, Fl.

21. Monterray, Ca.

22. Roswell, New Mexico



1. avengingapril - June 7, 2009

I think me and Paul [with the kids and my parents] are planning to go to Florida in two years time…
I’ve stolen the idea of my friend Denise who is going there next year. She’s planning on doing as much as she can there- Disney World, Sea World, the works! I think thats a good idea.

You could go to Nervada- do the vegas thang ;D
I’ve only been to New York and had a five day stay there which, to be honest, you really wouldn’t a need much longer. But we’re always setting off to Canada- a beautiful country and the people are so lovely and helpful.

beingbeatrice - June 7, 2009

Definately planning to go to Vegas… Joal will love having a go in the casinos & you never know, we might drop by Elvis…

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