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 Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge

BeingBeatrice is my blog … I make textile jewellery, have made a few Monster plushies & am now hooked on embroidery… I absolutely adore illustration, textile art, tattoos & crocheted food.


1. Beatrice was my grandmothers name. She was a crafty lady! She knitted, sewed, made clothes & embroidered. I have a beautiful tablecloth hand embroidered by her.

2. My real name is Charis.

3. I can’t knit. At all.

4. I adore Twinkie Chan. Crocheted food themed scarves? Genius.

5. My top 5 movies are: ET, True Romance, Slumdog Millionaire, Amelie & The Goonies. Not necessarily in that order.

6. My favourites colours are pink & purple. I can never decide which.

7. I prefer Coca-Cola to Pepsi anyday and do not like diet. Urgghhh.

8. Is my lucky number.

9. I have webbed toes on one foot. (Freakish!!!!)

10. I have met Dexter Fletcher.

11. I have no pets. We aren’t allowed them where we live. My boyfriend would quite like a cat.

12. My tear ducts don’t work. When I cry I have no tears. (I really AM a freak!)

13. I have two tattoos.

14. I like to paint. Furniture, walls, murals, pictures, myself… I find it very relaxing.

15. I have been to Egypt, Cambodia, Thailand, Spain, France, The Canaries, Turkey & Venezuela.

16. A Roast dinner is my favourite meal.

17. I’m a total bookworm. TOTAL. I love to read. I’ll even read cereal packets. (Although they don’t take very long!)

18. I hate spiders but I can’t kill them, it feels wrong. I apologise to the cosmos if I kill a fly. I’m scared of the karma.

19. Felt is my favourite material.

20. I’m secretly planning a trip to the US of A next year… haven’t told my bloke yet!

21. I’ve seen The Who live!!!! They rocked.

22. I’m a total sci-fi geek. Star Trek, Stargate, Star Wars, Babylon 5, A Town Called Eureka, Heroes… just don’t tell anyone 🙂

23. I used to have a goldfish called Springsteen. Yep, after Bruce.

24. I am a closet Big Brother fan.



1. cyberkat - May 26, 2009

So tell me more about no.20! What is the plan?!

beingbeatrice - June 6, 2009

Somehow i need to get some pennies together & book the cheapest flights to the States that i can! I’m going to plot a kinda funky road trip to places that aren’t necessarily where English tourists normally go. & to Vegas cuz i know he’s dying to go there!

Any suggestions for places to go i’m open…

2. Mum - June 15, 2009

Errrrrm a freak….I think not my dear!
As for the knitting it’s about time you learnt young lady!
Mum being in a bossy mood lol

3. Mum - June 15, 2009

“I’m going to plot a kinda funky road trip to places that aren’t necessarily where English tourists normally go.”

Possibly because they are considered to dangerous for tourist…had you thought of that?
Bella’s not been well for a few days…took her to the vets today, he thinks she may have eaten something at some time that has scratched her throat making it quite sore. Got some medicine for her but if there is no improvement by friday she’s to go back to be sedated so they can take a better look at her throat…just hope she’s gonna be ok!!!

Hugs Mum x

4. beingbeatrice - June 19, 2009

The places that I’d like to go to aren’t scary bad places! Just not as well publicised as Disneyland! Who could resist Dog Bark Park once they’ve seen it??!

Sending much love to mum & Bella x

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