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Laura I Love You! June 29, 2009

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I’m a bit of a technophobe. It takes me a while to figure things out sometimes. I’ve had my mobile phone for about a year & been annoyed with the picture quality. Today my friend Laura readjusted the settings for me (Higher resolution & Macro function!) & now the camera is amazing!

So… finally…. here is the embroidery piece that I did using the embroidery thread I won in Cymberrain‘s blog giveaway…




I love it! & now i’m hooked on her gorgeous hand dyed embroidery threads.

& a sneak peek at Laura’s gorgeous daughter, Holly…


… she seemed quite partial to her own feet, so here’s one for you!

Goodnight all…

(Laur, thank you!)



1. cristi martin - June 30, 2009

i love that! what a great piece!

2. avengingapril - June 30, 2009

LOL! Showing off my daughters foot! How funny! I think you inspired her yesterday because not long after you went whilest laying on the chair she actually pulled herself up into a sitting posistion!! A first for her 🙂
Look at that embroidery! Amazing work, love!
I’m glad the camera’s finally working better now hehe. Definitely see the difference in quality now 🙂 and not bad for a 3mega pixel either. It’s probably better than my 5mp camera lol! although i may have fiddled tooo much with settings and can’t find the right one haha!

3. avengingapril - June 30, 2009

Oh and thankyou for all the scrapbooking bits and bobs… I was looking through it all and I’ve got soooo many ideas… I just need the pictures fo rthem HAHA! Marvellous stuff xxx

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