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Domestic Goddess June 9, 2009

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So yesterday I was a Domestic Goddess.

I washed up (I never do this).

I baked. Rock cakes. Scrummy.


My rock cakes don’t look like this however. Mine are flat. Puzzling. Still very tasty though! (These are by Carolyn.)

I also made dinner later on in the evening, chicken in white wine sauce, cauliflower & broccoli cheese & roast potatoes. Yum. My boyfriend is wondering what came over me!

I completed another raindrop-inspired wallhanging, “Playing In The Rain”, a raindrop magnet & a dinosaur bag. And 3 more applique dinosaurs. Unfortunately you will have to wait for the pics as i no longer have usage of a camera & am using my phone but i can’t find the lead that connects my phone to my laptop, doh!

Since I currently have a total inability to post any of my own pics I will leave you with some cute flickr dinosaurs…

 Crochet dinosaurs by planetjunecrocheted dinosaurs by planetjune.

Dinosaur cupcakes by neviepiecakes

Dinosaur Cupcakes by neviepiecakes.

Dinosaur stickers by Elsie

dinosaur*stickers by .elsie*cake..

Unbelievably cute cupcake by Bev

Dino Baby Cupcake by Bev (Sugarbloom Cupcakes).

That’s enough dinosaur goodness from me, I am off to make more dino-themed goodies & maybe I’ll find that lead…



1. avengingapril - June 10, 2009

Awww you tease! Can’t wait to see your little creations.
And I tooootally want to eat that last cake… !!!

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