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The Childhood Dream May 7, 2009

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Ali J, who’s artwork I greatly admire, has a new project on, The Childhood Dream, & she needs submissions from us! Take a look here http://tinyurl.com/chr82t

I’ve sent in this photograph of me & my dad, I think I’m about 3. It would be 1980… I remember how the early 80’s were this slightly odd, nostalgic place where one minute mum was like an Earth Mother with really long hair & then she had a short perm & huge classes ( a la Deidre Barlow!), everyone still had psychedelic floral curtains but were buying up first homes like it was going out of fashion… total hippiness taken over by the greed of the 80’s & even as a kid it was obvious in a strange all of a sudden there are a billion different toys that I must have NOW because SHE has them already kinda way!


I’m such a daddy’s girl that when my parents divorced I kept the shirt he’s wearing in this pic & wore it all the time when I was about 16!


My mum may have been every inch the 80’s mum but her daughter was still a hippy… check out my plaits!



Oh yes, revel in the deliciousness of my jellybean shoes… & high waisted jeans are back in again now! If my brother sees this on here he will shoot me, ha ha!

(Mum I know that if I was to post an embarrassing 1980’s photo of you on here you might disown me! Love you xxx)

So hopefully if nothing else this post will make you laugh! & maybe even reminise (I’ve spelt that wrong) a little yourself… thanks Ali J for the inspiration!

Check out Ali’s blog at http://aussiepatches.typepad.com



1. illustratively - May 7, 2009

Gosh. This post has induced an 80’s wardrobe haunting of my own haha. It’s so funny what you said about wearing your Dad’s shirt when you were 16 because I wore my Dad’s 70’s flared trousers and shirts in my teens, but worse still – in my late 20’s I’ve moved onto my Mum’s 70’s wardrobe. And I still have those plaits now as you did. And my Mum also did the hippy-chick-gone-Deidre hairstyle. Thank the lord it wasn’t just my family! haha.

2. cabin + cub - May 8, 2009

oh the 80’s! I love how all the fashions in all the pics are pretty much back now! cute pics!

Mum - May 15, 2009

(Mum I know that if I was to post an embarrassing 1980’s photo of you on here you might disown me! Love you xxx)

Too right I would
love you too ((hugs)) x

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