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Slumdog Millionaire May 3, 2009

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Oh my gosh what an absolutely amazing movie! Danny Boyle worked the magic with this…

If you haven’t seen it yet then definately watch it! The first couple of scenes are brutal but bear with it & you will be blown away by an incredibly clever & beautiful film….


Heres a couple of Indian embroidery pictures…



My hands are almost itching with the desire to be this good… lots & lots of practice & I guess there’s no reason why not??!!!

Check this out by Takashi Iwasaki…


Whilst surfing this evening  I came across a blog called Obsessive Consumption by an artist called Katy Bingaman-Burt who draws something that she bought that day everyday… if I was doing that I think I would be too terrified to shop ever again!


Lets see… today… 1 can of Coke, 1 Strawberry Yazoo, 2 pints of milk & a packet of Jammy Dodgers coming in at around £3.80. What a waste of money!



1. Toni Brockliss - May 14, 2009

The indian embroidery is amazing!

There is a shop nearby that sells Indian patchwork quilts. You should see them…incredible. I will try and get a picture to show you.

Thank you for sharing the pictures.

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