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New Pieces:My Attempt At Wire Wrapping April 29, 2009

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So I decided to have a go at wire work.. I have quite a collection of crystals kicking about so if I can master wire wrapping I can incorporate them in to quite a lot of pieces…

I worked with my new coral stash first..




I wore this to work yesterday & received quite a few positive comments & a possible commission!

Then I had a go with a thicker wire & some carnelian, in a different style…




I stabbed my fingers with the wire making this one so decided to finish off a wooly creation that I still had by sewing on some tiny red coral chips…



And here are some of my latest favourite things…






1) Elsie’s Treasure Map on a palette, so cute! 2) Lupin’s felt circles addiction, 3) Taylor Swift’s music. It’s an American teenage girl singing country & I’m a 30-something British woman but….I love it & I can’t help it! 4) Kate Mosse’s Labyrinth, I’ve just started reading it, I picked up a hardback illustrated copy from the market for £4.50! 5) Salad… I cannot stop eating it. Really truly, it’s one of my favourite foods right now!

To find Lupin go to http://lupin.etsy.com

Off to make lunch (salad!) so have a great afternoon guys 😉



1. amy rehnae - April 30, 2009

Hi! just wanted to say thank you for checking in on me the other day! I hope that you weren’t too worried! I’m back from artfest, finished the huge job, and…got a new ‘puter, so no excuses now! love your new work, btw!!

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